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MKE Week 1

MKE Week 5

What a week! As a South African, our time zone makes watching the webinar live extremely difficult, as we get the feed at 10PM in the evening. My partner and I arise at 5 in the morning and, since we are “early to bed, early to rise” kinda people, it messes our sleep patterns up.Continue reading “MKE Week 5”

MKE Week 4

We are really getting into the nitty-gritty of the Master Key Experience. The Law of Giving and Receiving is such immensely powerful stuff that I am blown away! Every time I read Scroll 1 in the Greatest Salesman, there is something new that hits me. The power in the words and the effect it hasContinue reading “MKE Week 4”

MKE Week 3

Amazing new ideas and content in week three. Getting honest about my PPNs and seeing some examples of other DMPs has helped enormously in my own journey. This, along with my daily readings and use of my cards is fast becoming habit.

MKE Week 2

Week 2 and things are really starting to gel, to come together. After the first week of starting my DMP and doing my daily reading of Scroll 1, blueprint builder, and the Master Key lesson, I can already feel some fundamental shifts in my outlook to life. Now, into week 2 and the further developmentsContinue reading “MKE Week 2”

MKE Week 1

Living in South Africa, our time zone is 12 hours ahead of Hawaii. This meant that the webinar only started at ten in the evening. Being the first webinar of the scholarship, it was very long and finished well after midnight. But it was well worth it. The information and ideas offered by Mark JContinue reading “MKE Week 1”

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